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Development news #3. The prison
Introducing Prison Development: colossal site for exploration and strategy. Cobra and Sentinel factions navigate missions and stealth ops. Stay tuned for updates!
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Game Development Roadmap: From Concept to Launch with Farom Studio
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Development News #2
Lost Region Monthly Update: Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.3. Training Facilities: Offline mercenary leveling. Community Challenges: Unite players for common goals.
Happy Holidays to All Gamers!
Happy Holidays from Farom Studio! 🎄✨ Wishing gamers worldwide epic wins and joyful gaming sessions. Cheers to health, happiness, and high scores! May your gaming be merry and bright!
Development News #1
Faction Bases: Cobra becomes a lively town, Sentinel Alliance adds mini-games. Mercenaries: Capture downed enemies for recruits, missing ones might return later.
Weekly News #198
Dynamic weather impacts gameplay and economy. Monthly updates provide major highlights and project summaries. Stay informed, adapt, and survive! ❄️🌞
Weekly News #197
New "Hands Up" emote signals surrender or peace in NPC interactions. NPC reactions based on reputation, defeats, and player toughness. Enjoy the weekend! 🙌
Weekly News #196
Crosshair removed for immersive experience. Shooting system revamped for precision. Introducing Laser Sight for aiming aid. Have a great weekend! ;)
Weekly News #195
Optimization underway for smoother play. Introducing SOS feature for solo adventurers. For details, check Linkedin and Facebook. Have A Great Weekend!
Weekly News #194
Small items now have unique functions. Players can be placed on the Most Wanted board by factions or other players. Enjoy your weekend!
Weekly News #193
Weekly Update: New players complete intros first. PMCs join Global Events with prep and resources. Big rewards, but only well-prepared PMCs can join.
Weekly News #192
Autumn cleanup underway! Optimization round begins for smoother gameplay. Meanwhile, social features expand with Friends Squad, making teaming up easier. 😊
Weekly News #191
Players pick from hidden cave, farm, or industrial bases, each with unique benefits. Crafting becomes a money-making opportunity for top-quality gear. Happy weekend!
Weekly News #190
Faction HQs now offer secure exits and activities for players with neutral faction relations. Players can raid faction bases for specific technologies.
Gamescom 2023 Results
We're back from Gamescom, and it was incredible! From networking with studios to exploring innovations, it was a blast. Thanks to the organizers and the Ukrainian stand. Check our socials for highlights!
Gamescom 2023
Farom Studio is thrilled to announce our participation at Gamescom 2023! Stay tuned for updates and visit our booth for an epic gaming experience!
Games Gathering Kyiv 2023
We joined Games Gathering, networking and sharing insights with industry leaders, igniting our passion for game development. Stay tuned for more updates and support Ukrainian platforms!
Weekly News #189
PMC updates: Long-term contracts and ownership transfer introduced. Stay tuned for more PMC mechanics! See you next time!
Weekly News #188
New traps and specialized mercenaries introduced. Enjoy your weekend! See you next week!
Weekly News #187
Three types of global events planned. PMC trade contracts introduced for faction collaboration. Enjoy your weekend!
Weekly News #186
Story missions in progress for lore, tutorials, and rewards. Minor control points added for PMCs, providing buffs and contracts. Have a great weekend!
Weekly News #185
Introducing caravan raiding for faction loot, impacting player reputation. Minor factions offer unique missions and rewards, separate from major factions. See you next week!
Weekly News #184
Improved radio communication and base resupply. New recruitment methods for mercenaries. Have a great weekend! See you next week!
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Weekly News #183
Seasonal Control: Faction priorities shift with seasons, affecting player rewards. Hostage Rewards: Captured hostages yield valuable loot but could provoke faction reprisal.
Weekly News #182
Tailoring: Craft and repair clothes. Local Bosses: Bandits grow stronger with success. See you next week!
Weekly News #181
Mine level rework: key faction objective with ammo production advantage. Scavenge, engage in faction conflict. More on socials. Have a great weekend! 😉
Weekly News #180
Airport development continues, guarded by Sentinel Alliance. QA underway, turning bugs into potential features. Have a great weekend! 😉
Weekly News #179
Ladders now climbable, NPCs may surrender or flee. More movement options and AI improvements coming. Enjoy your weekend!
Weekly News #178
New trucks are in development with expanded functionality, while animal behavior is being revamped for realism. Stay tuned for more updates next week! ☀️
Weekly News #177
Airport overhaul ongoing; expect new structures and points of interest. Friend/foe system in development. Stay tuned for updates next week!
Weekly News #176
Weekly news: Assets updated for new game time frame. QA underway for bug fixes. Optimization with Unreal Engine tools. Enjoy the weekend! See you next week!
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Weekly News #175
Multi-level raids and PMC contracts offer challenges and rewards. Enjoy clan wars and have a great weekend!
Weekly News #174
Improved shooting sounds with realistic echoes for distant shots and temporary deafening indoors. Optimization ongoing for better FPS and load speed.
Weekly News #173
Shooting: Thin cover not safe, rethink strategy. Raids: Return to base needed, choose wisely. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #172
Weekly Update: Sentinel Alliance HQ: Airport now military hub with trading and missions. Minor Factions: Earn reputation for new items and perks.
Weekly News #171
Weekly Update: Trade System: Prices set with minimum limits for fairness. Ammo Upgrades: Poison, piercing, and shrapnel types added. Enjoy your weekend! More next week!
Weekly News #170
Map control and hiring PMC mercenaries offer strategic advantages and cooperative opportunities. More updates coming next week!
Weekly News #169
Melee damage system added to firearms, balancing durability and effectiveness. Replication explained for smoother multiplayer experience in Unreal Engine 5.
Weekly News #168
Gun durability system added: Guns degrade over time, risk explosion if worn. Optimize game performance for smoother experience. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #167
Introducing "Lone Wolf" perk: Boosts for solo players, but drawbacks in groups. Agoraphobia adds challenge but enhances combat. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #166
Implementing a new weapon damage system based on shot location and introducing an upgraded explosion system for demolishing buildings.
Weekly News #165
Character origin stories will influence abilities and skills, while cars are becoming a significant feature, requiring construction or purchase.
Weekly New #164
Introducing negative character traits like claustrophobia and adding visual effects for transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments.
Weekly News #163
Shooting mechanics now consider player position for accuracy. Melee combat and burn effects from explosions are also in development.
Weekly News #162
Improved damage resistance for gear, transitioning to UE 5.1 input system, and enhancing visual effects for explosions. Bug fixes in progress.
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Weekly News #161
Preparing for test build to fix issues and optimize performance. Introducing fake death mechanic for tactical advantage. More updates coming soon!
Weekly News #160
New year, new features! Quick commands enhance squad coordination, while explosive tactics get a boost with fire extinguishers and exploding truck wheels. Happy New Year! 🎉
Happy Holidays!!!!
🎄 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Farom Studio! 🎉 Thank you for your support and best wishes for the holiday season and the year ahead! 🌟 Let's make 2022 amazing together! 🎁🎮
Weekly News #159
Enhanced tracking for hunting introduced. Transition to Unreal Engine 5.1 for optimization ongoing. Updates paused temporarily, but expect progress post-transition.
Weekly News #158
Enhanced explosions with unique effects. Beta tests soon. Introducing security cameras. Stay tuned for updates. See you next week!
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Weekly News #157
This week: Trade: Direct exchange and trading in development, boosting player interaction. Grenade update: Frag, flashbang, smoke grenades, and Molotov cocktails.
Weekly News #156
This week: PMC: Form squads, share inventory, plan raids. Traps: New system for hunting and defense. More updates next week!
Weekly News #155
This week: Grenades in the works, including frag, flashbang, and smoke types. Also, recoil patterns for ARs are being reworked for more consistency.
Weekly News #154
This week: Player decals added for marking looted areas or warnings, and physics upgrades for more realistic interactions. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #153
This week: AI upgrades for aggressive animals and blood effects added. Stay tuned for more updates! See you next week!
Weekly News #152
Introducing shooting dummies to improve accuracy and recoil control, along with upgrades to lootable cars for more valuable loot opportunities.
Weekly News #151
Updating squad features for better coordination and loot tracking, along with progress on a new expansive level. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News #150
Introducing adrenaline mechanics for survival boosts and a new drunk effect for added fun and immersion. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News #149
Map overhaul for settled areas and new points of interest. Positive character effects like "Second wind" based on history.
Weekly News #148
New effects like cold weather impacting stealth. Stay tuned for raiding mechanics update next week! See you then!
Weekly News #147
Factions updated with map control for location benefits. Players restore facilities for global buffs. Faction cooperation key for bonuses and world changes.
Weekly News #146
New level and remastered old levels in progress. Bleeding effect added for realism. Monitor character's condition for optimal performance. Have a great weekend!
Weekly News #145
Weekly Update: New hacking mini-game and lockpicking in progress. Temperature system implemented, affecting player abilities. Gear up accordingly.
Weekly News #144
Weekly Update: Added road details like speed bumps and trash cans. Integrating Metahuman for high-quality character creation. Progress continues despite challenges.
Weekly News #143
Weekly Update: New highways for easier navigation. Progress on transport development. Introducing Raid Planner feature. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #142
Weekly Update: New interactive details added for scavenging. Introducing energy parameter for fatigue management. More updates next week!
Weekly News #141
Weekly Update: Base Upgrade: Greenhouse Level 3 boosts food production and introduces medicinal herbs. Group Dynamics: New "Knocked Out" condition enhances teamwork.
Weekly News #140
Weekly Update: Tech Advancements: Cell phone networks for questing and real-time faction updates. Map Modernization: Adding more points of interest.
Weekly News #139
Weekly Update: Base upgrades: Enhanced greenhouse and more for efficiency. Ability System: Managing player abilities for better gameplay. Exciting progress!
Weekly News #138
Weekly Update: New developments include greenhouse for food and medicine, alongside alarms for base security. Stay tuned for further enhancements!
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Weekly News #137
Weekly Update: Introducing compass and UI enhancements for navigation, alongside ongoing map rework for improved visuals and gameplay.
Weekly News #136
New player bases system for customization and upgrades, alongside continued code cleanup and integration of character mechanics into the ability system.
Weekly News #135
Weekly Update: Fuel and electricity mechanics for player bases. Map rework adds hidden areas with puzzles. Lost Region transitions to Free-to-Play!
Weekly News #134
Weekly Update: Crafting system overhaul underway, introducing hand-made radios and more. New meshes like ultrasound machines enhance gameplay.
Weekly News #133
Weekly Update: Checkers mini-game nearing completion. New character leveling tools introduced, enhancing dexterity. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #132
Weekly Update: Weapon care enhanced with repair tools. Degradation mechanics introduced. More updates soon!
Weekly News #131
Character Fitness: Treadmills for stamina, RPG leveling, and UE 5 optimization for better performance.
Weekly News #130
New Features: Traits & Gear: Unique character skill leveling. Mini-games: Darts and Rubik's Cube for fun. Healthcare Equipment: Tools for survival.
Weekly News #129
3D designers creating sports gear for world detail and character improvement. Health system revamp includes treating injuries and managing vitals.
Weekly News #128
This week: new assets, two mini-games (checkers, darts), environment enhancements, and ongoing mini-games development for safe house entertainment.
Weekly News #127
Introducing weapon stands for player bases, allowing display and quick access. Weapons now degrade over time, requiring repairs.
Weekly News #126
New assets and lore objects are being added to enhance immersion, while the team expands with the hiring of two more 3D artists. Have a great weekend!
Weekly News #125
Introducing the Forest Raven pistol: powerful yet demanding, with skill-based perks. Stay tuned for more updates on our expanding gun lineup and skill system.
Weekly News #124
Material and lighting enhancements in Unreal Engine 5. New hires in programming and 3D art. Teasing a major upcoming feature that lets players shape the game world.
Weekly News #123
Introducing the versatile shotgun with multiple upgrades. Updates on Unreal Engine 5 enhancements and new tools introduced: knives, axe, and flashlight.
Weekly News #122
Shotgun development progresses; versatile functionality is planned. Unreal Engine 5 release version tested; promising upgrades noted.
Weekly News #121
New versatile shotgun under development. Doubles as a tool for breaking locks and providing light. Additional items like flashlight and knives will complement it.
Weekly News #120
SCAR weapon overhaul completed. Shotgun development underway with additional features. New hires: 3D artist and C++ coder.
Weekly News #119
SCAR weapon redesign underway for better functionality. Bug fixes ongoing to enhance gameplay. Updates on the situation in Ukraine!
Weekly News #118
3D: Improved doors for tactics. Weapons: More firearms coming. Ukraine: Work continues despite challenges; Russian aggression slows. Glory to Ukraine!
Weekly News #117
Sniper rifle done, revamping old rifles like SCAR. Level optimization ongoing. War in Ukraine causing delays. Adding patriotic elements to Lost Region.
Weekly News #116
New sniper rifles with customizable scopes and skill system for precision shooting. Development may experience delays due to situation in Ukraine.
Weekly News #115
Improving AI for wolves and planning realistic reactions for human NPCs. Introducing security cameras for looting challenges.
Weekly News #114
New electric devices for immersion and functionality, Welcome our new team members: a 3D designer and a C++ developer.
Weekly News #113
Industrial location under construction by 3D designers. New status system in development, focusing on injuries' impact. Stay tuned for updates!
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Weekly News #112
Update on old levels: 3D designers working on new meshes for visual overhaul. Tech artists focusing on lights rework for optimized FPS. Animations and sound enhancements planned.
Weekly News #111
Railway System Update: Work in progress on new railway system. 3D designers creating railway meshes. UI and character health overhaul ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #110
Weekly News Update: 3D designers working on new meshes and reworking old ones for recent level additions. Progress on implementing custom back-end for game overhaul.
Weekly News #109
New Year, New Updates: AI optimization ongoing. Improving lighting in dark areas. Reworking levels and optimizing gameplay. Stay tuned for more!
Happy New Year 2022!
Happy New Year from Farom Studio! 🎉 Thanks for your continued support. Let's make 2022 a year to remember with Lost Region! 🚀🎮
Weekly News #108
Weekly update of the year: Migration to Unreal Engine 5 in progress for enhanced visuals. Level updates for optimized loading. Thanks for your support! Happy holidays!
Farom Studio team wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays from Farom Studio! 🎄 Thanks for your support as we've grown. Here's to a resilient New Year ahead. Merry Christmas! 🎅🎮
Weekly News #107
Welcome to this week's update! New detailed meshes from our 3D designers. Progress on transitioning to Unreal Engine 5. Landscape rework ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News #106
Welcome to our weekly update! More progress on the ARS Rotor&Motor location with new 3D designs. Exploring Unreal Engine 5 for potential benefits to Lost Region.
Weekly News #105
Here's our weekly update: More progress on the ARS Rotor&Motor location with new 3D designs. Optimizing level loading for smoother gameplay. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News #104
Here's a quick update: Improved animal sounds for a more immersive experience. Progress on the ARS Rotor&Motor location for exciting loot hunts. More updates coming soon!
Weekly News #103
Weekly Update: Gathered new asset references and recorded sounds outdoors. Addressed collision and rendering issues. 3D artists to begin work on assets from an abandoned cow farm.
Weekly News #102
Weekly Update: Bug fixes & balance adjustments ongoing. 3D artists creating new meshes for ARS Rotor&Motor. Level designer integrating new assets. More next week!
Weekly News #101
Weekly Update: Sound: Recorded natural sounds for immersion. Map Upgrades: Ongoing updates for enhanced gameplay. Level Updates: Improvements in progress.
Weekly News #100
Weekly #100! NPC enhancements are underway, making them smarter and more dynamic. New level "ARS Motor&Rotor" in progress, promising rich loot and challenges.
Weekly News #99
Bug fixing ongoing. New meshes for car service centers in progress. Preparing update for public tests focusing on NPC and AI. Join us in the test branch for early testing.
Public Test
Public tests now available! Single-player mode first, multiplayer coming soon. Send feedback, bug reports with screenshots to contact@faromstudio.com or Steam discussions.
Weekly News #98
Map updates ongoing, new level in progress. Bug fixing for upcoming public test. Stay tuned!
Weekly News #97
New Location: Eagles Pride Customs, still in progress but promising. Testing ongoing for upcoming public patch. Stay tuned!
Weekly News #96 + Announcement!
Welcome to the Weekly News! Announce: Public Tests Inventory Rework Final testing underway for improved functionality and visuals. Have a great weekend! See you next week!
Weekly News #95
WTWN! Map improvements ongoing, adding depth and narrative to our world. New models from our 3D team, speeding up content creation. Have a great weekend! See you next week!
Weekly News #94
New 3D designers onboarded, accelerating content creation. Check out their work on car repair stations. Also, we're in the semi-finals of the DEV contest. Support us by voting!
Weekly News #93
New team members joined to accelerate game development. Level designer continues map updates. Exciting times ahead!
Weekly News #92
Exciting updates this week! Sound optimization underway, fixing reverb zone issues. Plus, get ready for a radio feature with rock versions of guitar tracks!
Weekly News #91
Exciting updates this week! Weapon customization UI getting a logical upgrade, fixing critical bugs. Also, fine-tuning map details for better immersion. Stay tuned for more!
Weekly News #90
This week: UI optimization nearly complete, improving gameplay experience. Plus, our level designer is crafting a new level—exciting updates ahead!
Weekly News #89
This week: AI behavior rework for more realism. Map improvements ongoing, with updates from our level designer. Stay tuned for more!
Weekly News #88
This week: Bugs fixed based on testers' feedback. New level in progress, stay tuned for updates! Thank you for your support. See you next time!
Weekly News #87
This week: FMOD issue fixed, battle music in progress. Map update ongoing for a more vibrant world. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News #86
This week's focus: Blueprint optimization for smoother gameplay. Bug fixes from testers include naming, collision, and inventory issues. Keep surviving, and see you next week!
Weekly News #85
Caves completed, providing hiding spots for enemies and hidden loot. Sound optimization ongoing, with FMOD engine enhancing immersion. Stay sharp and keep surviving!
Weekly News #84
Roads undergoing rework for smoother transitions. Deep cave level in progress, offering risky shortcuts. Stay tuned for updates next week!
Weekly News #83
Icons resized for consistency. Critical bugs resolved, thanks to testers' help. Enjoy the summer, see you next week!
Weekly News #82
Optimizing for smoother gameplay experience. New intricate cave design with heightened challenge. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News #81
Revamping weapons with full customization. Experimenting with new foliage for enhanced visuals. Exciting updates ahead!
Weekly News #80
Hi again! Map upgrades: Our level designer is improving the map. New weapons system: We're working on a part-by-part weapon system for enhanced customization.
Weekly News #79
Welcome to the weekly news! New UI and HUD: Almost finished, just a few tweaks left. Map upgrade: A small canyon was added for extra excitement. Materials rework ongoing.
Weekly News #78
Today, we're focusing on visual upgrades: Lighting: Smooth sun movements for stunning scenery. Foliage and materials enhancements. New level: Hidden outpost.
Weekly News #77
Weekly Update: New Level: Hidden bunker. Food Rebalance: Cooked food provides buffs, rotten/raw food gives debuffs, starvation significant debuffs. Fixes: Addressing collision issues.
Weekly News #76
Map upgrades: Our level designer is enhancing mountain views. Optimization: Improving game performance and stability. UI upgrades: Enhancing user interface.
Weekly News #75
Update: New engine version: The game migrated to Unreal Engine version. Sound: Assigning physical materials for accurate sound effects, plus new guitar tracks in progress.
Weekly News #74
In this update: Optimization: Improved render distance for LODs to enhance FPS stability. Music: New guitar tracks added to the game.
Weekly news #73
In this patch: New HUD: More informative and fancy, enhancing player management. Bug fixes: Addressing various types of bugs, including functional, visual, and logic bugs.
Weekly news #72
This week: Completed new craft method requiring time and attention. Added sound effects for crafting. Introducing a fire watchtower level with strategic positions.
Weekly news #71
This week: Added gamma option to adjust brightness. Developing clearer HUD with vital stats. Introducing adrenaline feature for survival boosts.
Weekly News #70
This week: Finalizing survival effects and status effects. Welcoming new team members for level design, animations, meshes, and textures.
Weekly News #69
Exciting updates this week: New guitar tracks recorded for ambiance. Revamped faction icons with improved design. Ongoing game development and UI enhancements. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #68
New boots, medical loot, and clothing items like masks are on the way in the upcoming patch. Character customization is getting better, and we're optimizing localization.
Weekly News #67
Ability system implementation is almost complete. New level design in progress: a simple yet engaging campsite. Gratitude extended to the community for ongoing support.
Weekly News #66
Here's the concise weekly update: New level design unveiled: block posts introduced. Optimization efforts continue for smoother gameplay. Positive progress reported in test results.
Weekly News #65
Survivors, quick update: New ability system and healthcare features in development. Buffs/debuffs and injuries will enhance gameplay. Stay alert!
Weekly News #64
Quick update: We're revamping the weapon modification menu, making it accessible from your inventory UI. Testing the new sound engine and addressing bugs. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #63
New level added for enhanced gameplay. Nighttime becomes immersive and dangerous with new sound features. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News #62
Hey everyone! Revamped UI for improved usability. Exciting new terrain in development. Stay tuned for test builds and feature-packed updates. See you next time!
Weekly News #61
Hello! Finalizing new craft menu and UI updates. Enhancing audio with location-based effects. Programmers working on performance optimization. That's all for now. Stay tuned!
Weekly News #60
Hello survivors. Weekly update time! Enhanced crafting system for convenience. Save resources! Fixing bugs and enhancing stability.
Weekly News #59
Updates: Improved car collision for more accurate shooting. Ongoing optimization and collision enhancements. Weather effects development underway for added survival elements.
Weekly News #58
Recent Developments: New sound engine implemented, enhancing realism. Map improvements ongoing for better gameplay. Achievements soon to be added, with new icons in the works.
Weekly News #57
Holiday Recap: New sound engine implemented. Level improvements ongoing. UX/UI enhancements in progress. Stay tuned for updates. Wishing you a great year ahead!
Weekly News #56
Quick update: New craft system almost finished. Transitioning to new sound engine next year. New craft items available in-game. Happy New Year! Thanks for the support. Best, Dev Team
Weekly News #55
Latest Lost Region Updates: Quests and in-game guide in progress for player ease. Upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.26 for stability. New crafted items by our 3D designer. Stay tuned!
Weekly News #54
Enhanced crafting & loot system in progress for a more user-friendly experience. Optimizations underway to eliminate loading spikes. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #53
Optimization and crafting improvements underway. New animations in progress. Stay tuned for updates and screenshots. Stick around for more action! Patch
New patch improves optimization, adds equip option for craftable items, restricts running while eating/drinking, and introduces server management console commands.
Weekly News #52
Upcoming updates include new craftable items and immersive animations. Today's patch focuses on optimization for better FPS stability. Stay tuned for the release!
Weekly News #51
Hello Regioners! Patch is out, and we're already working on improving the game environment. Expect scarier wolves, UX enhancements, and more in the next update. Patch
New features include deer encounters, weapon ammo spawns, and bed selection. Various map updates and UI improvements. Fixes for collisions, crafting UI, and inventory issues.
Patch is out!
Big changes in the game! Enjoy 75% off. Patch includes weapon damage overhaul, new inventory system, and more. Game now 36+ GB. Create new saves for single-player. Fixes list included.
Weekly News #50
Bug fixes ongoing, inventory and weapon updates, new backpack colors, character customization options, and gameplay tweaks. Thanks for your support!
Weekly news #49
Bug fixes ongoing, including inventory and character customization issues. New eating and healing animations added. Release date postponed to November 19 due to Covid.
Weekly news #48
Bug fixes ongoing. New loot system and animations in progress. UI updates including squad member info and radial menu improvements.
Weekly News #47
Hello Survivors, This week: Bug fixes ongoing. Added VSync option. New pickup animations. Torch reintroduced. Thanks for your support!
Weekly News #46
We're nearing the public release with ongoing bug fixes and new features, Join us for a live preview of the current version on Twitch and possibly Steam this month!
Weekly News #45
We've been hard at work fixing bugs and enhancing the game. Exciting updates include squad member icons on the map for better coordination and improvements to water physics.
Weekly News #44
Welcome Survivors! This week, we focused on fixing bugs related to inventory, weapons, and animations. Our map is also receiving updates.
Weekly News #43
Welcome back, Survivors! This week, we're enhancing loot interactions and adding new character animations. Our map improvements continue as well.
Weekly News #42
Bug fixes are ongoing. We've added new visual and audio effects to simulate fatigue during long runs. Additionally work on character customization, is progressing.
Weekly News #41
Testing phase underway for upcoming patch Focus on multiplayer testing, server browser improvements, and adding survival. New factions with bonuses coming soon.
Weekly News #40
Survivor Update: Progress on server build, undergoing testing. Fixing collision issues to prevent instant character deaths. Map improvements ongoing.
Weekly News #39
Survivor Update: UI improvements near completion for dialog system. Quest system nearing completion. Work on new locations begun, with ongoing map improvements.
Weekly News #38
Survivor Update: Bug fixes for character creation, inventory transfer, and chat. Added character delete button. Map improvements are ongoing.
Weekly News #37
Survivor Update: Bug fixes ongoing for inventory, melee weapon damage, chat, and ESC menu. Added recipes for Marauder. Map improvements continue.
Weekly News #36
Survivor Update: Bug fixing continues, New location development nearing completion. Added new clothing category to craft.
Weekly News #35
Survivor Update: Added color correction for color blindness. Bug fixes ongoing for building system, animations, and level issues.
Weekly news #34
Survivor Update: Skill panel development ongoing. Fixes. Map improvements continue with new location in development.
Weekly news #33
Survivor Update: Character skills and perks. Bug fixes underway with tester feedback. Map improvements ongoing, new location in progress. See you next week!
Weekly News #32
Survivor Update: Bug fixes and code optimization for upcoming testing. Inventory changes. Map improvements with addition of new gas station location. See you next week!
Weekly News #31
Survivor Update: Reworked inventory for efficient management. Campfires now require fuel. Weapon rebalancing and ongoing map improvements. See you next week.
Weekly news #30
Survivor Update: NPC appearance enhancements ongoing. UI revamped with new details and compass panel. Stay tuned for more updates next week!
Weekly News # 29
Survivor Update: NPC appearance improved, animations reworked. Continued work on map enhancements. Thanks for your support! Have a great weekend.
Weekly News #28
Survivor Update: Fixed clothing duplication in inventory. Optimized road splines to prevent loading issues. Various fixes including collision and landscape improvements.
Weekly News #27
Survivor Update: Fixing inventory bugs. Optimizing road landscapes. Cave level complete, moving to new levels soon. Stay tuned for more updates!
Weekly News #26
Survivor Update: Fixes include binding bugs, crashes, and mesh material issues. Optimization efforts ongoing with HLODs and light rework to boost FPS. Early Alpha Patch Notes
New versionis live and hot fix for is published! Check for more details
Happy New Year 2019! Here's what we're working on: Multiplayer AI, dedicated servers for 4 regions, and optimization efforts for improved performance.
Lost Region Dev Update
Exciting Updates! Inventory system revamped with separate character and backpack inventories. 3 new locations added: police station, motel, veterinary clinic.
Lost Region Hotfix
Hotfix is now live! This patch addresses crucial issues before the release. Full features list will follow
Lost Region Development Info
It has been a long time since we posted our last update about upcoming patches, and we have some info to share.
Lost Region Small Info Update
Currently, we moving to UE 4.2, so the update will be delayed for a couple of weeks.
Lost Region Small Dev Update
This is a small dev update, about what we are currently doing. We have some new content that we want to share with you!
Lost Region Important Notification
Important Notice: No crowdfunding campaigns are currently active. Purchase the game only from our official website or add it to your Steam wishlist.
Lost Region Plans
hanks to our users, at the early stages of the alpha we realized that the game requires a lot of changes.
Lost Region Development Update 17 Apr
New map, crafting system, weapons, minimap, animations, interface redesign, character clothing, interactive flora, and cooking recipes added!
Lost Region Development Update 11 Apr
At the moment we working on loot spawn points, loot for crafting, and small fixes of current content. The patch will be released on April 13.
Lost Region Development Update 20 Mar
We run pre-public tests and testing of all features. The rework of the project is almost finished and there is not much left for migration from blueprints
Lost Region Development Update 28 Feb
Update: Food and water system rebalanced, map added with minor coordinate adjustments, interaction animations improved, and ongoing world optimization.
Lost Region Development Update
Update: Enhanced character animations, UI redesign, and ongoing world expansion. Stay tuned for more game developments from Farom Studio Team.
Lost Region New Year Development Update
Happy New Year! Exciting updates ahead: city development underway, improved animations, and cutting-edge NVidia GameWorks features coming soon!
Exciting updates ahead: New animations and character customization coming soon, backend migration complete, and world improvements on the horizon.
A new snowy mountain map is in progress, focus on animations & backend migration for mod support. Sneak peek at the craft system and map screenshots!
Latest updates: New weapons, improved AI faction detection, and preparation for Unreal Engine migration. Exciting developments ahead!
Latest updates: AI crash fix, food item stats overhaul, and item stack adjustments. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!
Latest fixes: AI pathfinding upgrades, inventory bug squashes, and backend service improvements. Stay tuned for updates next week!
AI returns with new skins! Updated AI code, minor client fixes, and a sneak peek at the World Map update! Check it out!
Latest patches: Engine updates, server fixes, new items added, and upcoming AI improvements.
Lost Region Weekly #2
Here is the new weekly update. This week's patches:,,,
Lost Region Weekly
We are glad to announce that from today, we will publish weekly update news each Friday.
Update news
We rarely post something here, as we are so busy with updates that we try to deliver 2-3 times a week.
Lost Region Update
We had a delay with the release of the patch, so we decided to make optimizations and update the world.
Lost Region 0.1.0 Update
New sea locations, bunkers, Battle Royal mode, weapon inventory, free camera, backpacks & bug fixes!
Lost Region update 0.0.1c
Today we uploaded update 0.0.1c which fixed the crash at the startup bug
Lost Region Alpha Release
We are glad to see that more people joined our alpha testing and will help us to make the game better.
Lost Region Alpha Test
Today we uploaded the game to Steam and found that some parts of it working not as expected in the release build.
Lost Region March Update
Here is some news we want to share with you today. Such as server hosting, bars, and optimization.
Lost Region Alpha Keys
We are working on the Lost Region website, there we will publish more packs with the game.
Lost Region Crowdfunding campaing start
As we promised, we present the crowdfunding company of the Lost Region game. Unreal Engine game.
Lost Region IndieGoGo Campaign
We want to give some news about upcoming crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that will be launched tomorrow.
Lost Region News
Today we want to share some new screenshots and answer comments and questions from users.
Lost Region
Unfortunately, in 2014 we lost one of our teammates and could not continue with Bad Day development
Latest News
Here is some latest news about our project: Xbox One, New UI, and Community Forum. check for more!
W.N.C: Infantry new Drone Skill video
We are glad to present a new video from W.N.C: Infantry about squad skills. check for more info.
W.N.C: Infantry Game Mechanics Quick Update
We decided to make some changes to our gameplay, such as outpost building, ammo limit, unique ability for squads
W.N.C: Infantry - Greenlight
We are glad to announce, that we posted our project to Steam Greenlight. Here are some words about the project.
New website
Hello everyone, we are excited to announce that we have a new website! We have it in English and Russian.